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Greeting from CEO

In establishing Global Sense, I continued to consider the background of my past words, actions, thoughts, and decisions. I realized that the essence of my sensitivity and sensibility is “to choose the means that will bring smiles to the faces of those around me.

What I do and what I can do is probably not to “bring smiles of laughter” like a comedian.
I am not an entertainer. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the gift of comedy.

But I can reduce sad faces and increase smiles of joy.
If there are fewer sad faces and more smiling faces, there will be more compassion.
If we increase compassion, the world will be filled with kindness.

You may be surprised to hear this, but I believe it.
My sensitivity and sensibility are expressed in the mission of Global Sense
Philosophy / Value / Identity / Vision.

For me, a company or even a business is just a means to an end.
It is a means to operate a community to reduce the sadness of the people around me and to increase the joyful smiles of the people around me.
A group of people who share this way of life, management decisions, and operational methods, and who have abandoned stability to bet their future on a startup…
Global Sense is an organization of people who have left stability behind to bet on the future of startups. They are people with strength in their core and kindness in their hearts.

We may not be the most dexterous people in life, but if we can still produce work and results that bring smiles to the faces of those who are involved with us, then we are the ones to leave behind a legacy of success.
We at Global Sense company are very happy if we are able to bequeath our work and achievements that bring smiles to the faces of those who have been involved.

Global Sense Co.,Ltd.
Founding Members

Meaning and thoughts…and wishes behind the company name


The coined word “Global Sense” has the following meaning
“A sensitivity that can recognize and accept the background of differences in culture, sensibility, value, etc., and expand your capacity.
It has the meaning of “a sensibility that is aware of the background of these differences, accepts them, and expands your capacity.

~Our thoughts~

That is why we are
Have “eyes to see the essence” that are not bound by the common sense of the present or our own common sense
Let’s have the room in our hearts to look at, know, and think about the background of differences in culture, climate, thought, position, and so on.


Always and forever
Let’s accept. Accept. Acknowledge each other. Let’s fill each other up.
Let’s develop each other…

Happy & Happy

We will increase the number of “Happy days, happy lives” in the world, while remembering and cherishing the sensitivity, thoughts and wishes of Global Sense.We will increase the number of “Happy days, happy lives” in the world.


Bringing smiles to people all over the world.


Changing the norm
Removing restrictions and limitations.


Value our people
Try first
Enjoy everything


Give shape to ideas


『To be a business group where everyone has a place to work, no matter what time of day or age.』

The world we want…
Here, there is security and enjoyment for the present and the future.
This is a place filled with smiles and children’s voices.
There is no discrimination or prejudice in our Global Sense
We will be a company where everyone feels a sense of place and significance

That’s why we are…
Never give up our dreams. We don’t laugh at your dreams.
Have the know-how to succeed from small business.
Have a business that can work even in old age.
Build a pretty village where people can have food, clothing, and shelter when they get old.
Continue to have a culture where everyone can feel joy, fun, and security

In the not-so-distant future…
Become a company where people with disabilities can work
Become a company where people can easily return to work after having a child
Become a company where mothers and fathers can work comfortably


President’s Office/strong>
The command center of Global Sense.We are very good at coming up with ideas and giving shape to them.
To reduce expenses, eliminate overtime, eliminate disputes, and increase smiles.
We think of mechanisms and ideas. We will work with you until they are realized. The president’s office when you are in trouble.

If you are in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we will meet you within the day, if you are in the Kanto area, within the next day, if you are in Japan, within 3 days,
If you are in Japan, we will come to see you within 3 days. If you are on the earth, we will come to see you within 1 week.

Management Group
Our hospitality-filled members provide strong support for management footwork.
We will support you to realize any idea and link it to the management.
We not only manage our own operations, but also sometimes handle outsourcing of business operations for our business partners.
The Administration Group has an active and flexible role.

We take care of contracts, invoice processing, payment, human resources, and labor affairs.

Sales Group
We are confident in our polite but speedy and break-through sales force.

We don’t stop at “the previous site was like this…” We are flexible and adaptable to various environments and ways of proceeding.Shortage of projects, shortage of human resources, leave it to us. We will surely satisfy both.

PR Group
Public relations activities in Global Sense is our main battlefield.
We implement everything from public relations to sales strategies, from marketing research to the formulation of promotional measures and operational design.

We provide strong support for branding and promotion not only for Global Sense
We will provide strong support for the branding and promotion of not only XXX company, but also our affiliated companies. This is where related businesses and affiliated companies are born.

Technical Service Group
Tough, highly skilled mercenary troops. We are the technical service group when you are in trouble.
We don’t stop at “the previous site was like this…” We are flexible and adaptable to various environments and ways of proceeding.
We flexibly respond to various environments and ways of proceeding. Because we are a group of professional mercenaries.

We carry out our work with professional pride.

Our Business

Corporate Services
Business consulting service business
– New business start-up support
– Recruitment consulting services

Contracted services business
 - New and maintenance development services for open systems
 - New and maintenance development services for smartphone applications
 - Outsourced office work outsourcing contracting services

Website design and production business
– Website production one-stop service
– CMS customization services

Product Business
– In-house product services

Commercialization of Employees’ Dreams
– We offer a variety of services

Personal Services
Business Consulting Services
 - New business start-up support
 - Recruitment consulting services

Consulting Services
– Entrepreneurship consulting services
– Initial management consulting services
 - Sales representative services

Website design and production business
– One-stop service for website design and production

Reference Story

For Municipalities
Business Consulting Services
Proposal and development of many educational systems
Proposal and development of many management business systems for citizen services.

For corporations
Development and maintenance of GIS system for disaster response
Design and development of business backbone system for law firms
Electronic contract system development
Inventory & Recipe Management System for Restaurant Industry

For Individuals
Web design and construction
Blog template system development

Our original products
 PS. I love you(2025/Spring)

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Technical Support
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