Interview with the President

It’s okay for an engineer to have a dream of running a café in the future.
If you have a dream like that, we’ll make it come true together.
Leave it to me, we’ll start this business in partnership.
Programmer’s can study System Engineer while working as programmer’s,
System Engineers can study Project management while doing System Engineer work.

You can study café management while doing System Engineer work.

You spend the same amount of time either way, you just study for the future.
Global Sense has people who have experience in business venture.
If you work with them, you can make your dream happen.

It’s like a PG becoming a System Engineer. You just have to be prepared for the change.。
That’s why I think like this.

It’s okay for an engineer to have a dream of running a café in the future.
If you have a dream like that, let’s make it come true.

Enjoying the process of helping people achieve their dreams and watching them succeed is the Global Sense.

To get a closer look into the mind of the brain behind Global Sense, we conducted an interview with the President.

Q: What was the impetus for starting Global Sense?
I was working in sales for a major staffing agency.
I am a people person and a nosy person by nature, so I had a strong attachment to the staff.I was in charge of, and as a result, I had a long relationship with many of them.

At that time I was
・To worry and solve their problems together with their counsel, and to maintain a state of mind that allows them to focus on their work.
・I was in charge of getting them temporary jobs to keep them fed.
My mission was to solve their problems together and keep them in a state of mind where they could concentrate on their work.

It was my mission, my pride, my pressure, and my pride.And I was satisfied to feel that we were connected with each other through a “relationship of trust.

About five years later, I received a phone call from one of the staff members, who was 24 years old when he came to register as a temporary staff member and 28 years old at this point, asking for a consultation.

I went to the appointed time and place with a light heart, thinking, “He said he had a girlfriend a while ago, so I guess it’s a love consultation.

I had been receiving daily advice on love, quarrels with girlfriends, my own suffering from jealousy, and wanting to be strong, and the words that popped into my ears from the “consultant’s staff” were “I’m having a baby” and “I’ve decided to get married.”

He always came to me for advice on skills, love, and how to be a member of society, and he believed in me, grew up with me, and followed me.He is now ‘married. But he is a temporary staff.
I am not saying that temp staffing is bad, but from the aspect of income stability, it is a risky way of working.
As a salesperson for a temporary staffing agency, I tried my best to keep my job, but there is no promise or guarantee.
If you don’t have another job right after your contract is up, you will have no income.

I keep taking orders so that he can continue to support his family with uninterrupted temp jobs.
Can I do such a thing??

Suddenly I became afraid.
I had worked hard to follow up on my staff in the temporary staffing business, and I was proud that I was “protecting,” “nurturing,” and “feeding” them, but in fact, it was nothing more than a self-satisfying “employment game.
Because, as a temporary worker, when your contract expires, you are no longer “employed”!

When his temporary job contract expires…
How will he pay for the baby’s milk?
What about his wife’s meals?
What about the house rent?
What about water and electricity bills?
Will he possible to eat? Can he survive?
I couldn’t say, “Congratulations! I couldn’t say “Congratulations! I was too scared.

After that day, the pressure became stronger day by day.
Then one day, a few days later, I suddenly realized.

All I had to do was to create my own company and create an environment where I could be employed as a full-time employee.

IQ: What are the values and management philosophy of Global Sense?


1. Try first

If you try anything, the results will come.
If you see it as a result, you will grasp something.
Something you have grasped becomes experience and knowledge.
If you try again based on knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom.
If you accumulate wisdom, your success rate will increase.
So, ‘I’ll give it a try first’ For example, there is this story.
I was picked up for the first time in my life. I have an experience.
When I was having fun, a guy who was very friendly suddenly said to me, “Let’s go pick up girls.
To be honest, I didn’t like it. I thought about saying, ‘Well, I can go home.
But I didn’t want to be the “no-nonsense guy” at that time, so I went with him. So, we took turns calling out to the first one, and finally it was my turn.
… “Hey, are you free? Do you want to have tea?
I didn’t even know what to say to her.
The other party was stunned, and even the friends who were with him stared at him. Of course,the response from the other party was quite simple. They just ignored me and walked away.
I was super embarrassed and felt like I was being personally rejected.
However, as long as I was here to pick up women, my turn would come and go until I caught on.
I was so disgusted with the situation that I couldn’t help it.
In the end, my friends succeeded in picking up girls that day…. So I started to think about “what went well” and “what went critically wrong” every time I failed.
I probably had more than 100 people (pairs) say ‘muri’ or ‘shikato’ to me until my first success.
However, I learned how to “talk to them” and “stop them in their tracks,” depending on who I was talking to and what they were doing. As a result, by the time I had received more than 200 scathing “no thank yous,” I was getting better at picking up, talking to, and discerning
・If you can’t make it today, ask for their contact information
・play even if it is too much for one
My success rate increased, and my skill at picking up women became the strongest among my peers.
Eventually, I became the best at picking up women among my friends. If I had run away from the initial “Let’s go pick up girls,” saying “I can go home,” I would not have been able to do this. This pick-up skill helped me a lot when I was doing business.
Without the ability to “have the guts at the beginning,” “change your mind without getting depressed,” “listen,” “expand the conversation,” and “make the next connection,” all of which I acquired through my pick-up business experience, I would not have done sales if I had not “tried” pick-up business.
If I had not done sales, there would have been no Global Sense. Ne, try first.
Even if it is not what you want to do, it is important to “give it a try. Don’t run away from something you are not good at. Try first.
That is the only way to expand your life’s possibilities, and to have much more fun and enjoyable thoughts.see? try first.It will expand the possibilities of your life.

2.Take care of your friends.

People are able to give up at a surprisingly low level for their own sake.
If you are motivated by “for others,” such as for your friends, subordinates, and superiors, you will never tire of working hard. You will never get sick.

I have had my share of depression.

Since launching Global Sense, the average sleep time has been 3.5 hours.
I have never run out of worries since launching Global Sense. I am always worried. Always about someone or something.But you know, I don’t get depression. I have experienced it, so I have the factor of depression.
Why is that?

The answer is simple.
For my friends, for their future, for their present happiness…ect.
In other words, it’s ‘not hard’ because you voluntarily live for your friends.

If you feel “forced” to do even the smallest thing, you will quickly fall into depression.
Even if you work 8 hours a day, the stronger you feel “forced” or “victimized,” the more likely you are to become depressed.
The bottom line is mental stress.
Take care of your people.
〜Everyone is a member who truly cares about his or her fellow members〜
That’s why at Global Sense, we value living for our people.
Those who think they are forced to do “for their friends” will leave the company.
Those who seek good friends and warmth will naturally start living for their friends.
It’s just a cycle.
That’s why, when you have a fire in the field, or when there are people you don’t like,
The person who can stand firm in such a situation is also the one who has “for the sake of his/her fellow workers.

A culture that values its people is
・Protect the people who work there
・And make everyone happy and joyful
・Protects the business
…and grow the people…..and grow the business.
It’s a very efficient and important essence in management. Because, you know, instead of spending your time in a place where things are awkward If you spend your time inside a group of friends who help each other, you will surely feel more secure and have a good time.

3.Enjoy & Exciting

In life, what we do is the same.
Memories and life recollections are ‘the facts of my work on an event and the feelings I had at the time.

For example,
It can be “painful memories of studying hard to become an SE while rubbing my sleepy eyes and being caught by my seniors”
or “passionate memories of spending time with seniors and studying to become an SE while rubbing my sleepy eyes”?
It depends on how you see it. It is not someone else’s fault.

Enjoy Exiting
Hot and be foolish! hold some LIVE EVENTS!
If that’s the case, it’s better to have fun doing everything.
That will result in creating “memories” and “the aggregate of memories is the quality of life”.
Therefore, at Global Sense, we value the idea of having fun if we are going to do the same thing.
That is why at Global Sense, if we are going to do something, we will do it in an exciting, passionate, and silly way.

If you are going to spend the same amount of time and money, you might as well do something that feels more enjoyable.
Every minute we spend is a second closer to the end of our lives.
So we should enjoy it. It’s a matter of course.

Oh yeah, when you have fun, money comes closer. It’s a mystery, isn’t it?
When you have fun meeting and parting with money in this way, you bring in more money next time. Why is that?

I don’t know the solution yet, but it’s true.

Q:What would you say is the one and only Global Sense?
An environment where truly anything that is fun can happen.


Q:Q:What is your policy?
Enjoy everything

I recently lost my passport in spectacular fashion on a business trip to Hawaii.
At midnight, 12 hours before my flight!!
In such a case, you can’t just spend your time fretting and worrying, saying, ‘Oh no, no, no, no, no,
“Well, even in the worst case scenario, I’ll be in Hawaii for a couple more days.
It is all up to you.
Because I don’t have a passport. So what I need to think is…
・・How to return to Japan without a passport and the procedure
・Requests for work assignments and instructions in case of failure to return home
・How to find the origin of the problem and remedy the cause to avoid repeating it
that’s it.
あWe can handle the rest. I will be able to return to Japan. Then we can only enjoy the
“consequences” of “the reality of not having a passport.
You can’t go back home if you’re worried about it.You have to go to the embassy or something to go home.
I will not make my flight.
The reality is the same, ‘I don’t have a passport’ this reality.
1.Enjoy a couple more days in Hawaii!
2.I can’t go back to Japan for two days.
How you perceive it is up to you. How you perceive it is up to you, and the way you perceive it will become your memories, or impressions of the trip. I enjoyed the extra two days in Hawaii. Even without a passport, I learned the procedures. The memory of ‘I can’t go back to Japan. Which will make you feel happier when you look back on it at the time of death?
I would choose the first one.

That’s why enjoy everything!

Q:Do you have any mischievous quirks that you just can’t get rid of?
1.forget a lot of things.

(Sorry guys. Thanks always!)

2.Where the hair on the collar is unconsciously teased.

Q:What are some of your favorite things, things or places lately?
1.Current corporate culture

(A bunch of lovable idiots. But I’m always happy to be inside it)

2.Dieting and Muscle Training

(Because I had a baby girl when I was old. I want to be a cool dad at least.)

3.Hotel The Manhattan’s “Splendido” bar

(A place where you can go alone or with friends. (A nice balance of relaxed atmosphere but not nervous)

Q:Do you have any weaknesses?
there are too many…

1. going into the ocean (because of sharks)

2. weak on geography (I’m still fuzzy on how many prefectures are located where)

3.I’m a bit of a directional freak.

Q:Is there anything that you can’t deny?
1. The value standard and way of life related to my way of life, which is common sense rather than common sense.
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